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The Best Places To Scuba Dive In Boracay

If you are off to Boracay to learn how to scuba dive, you are on the right track. Boracay is endowed with first-class scuba diving sites. Scuba diving learning centers are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Boracay's scuba diving trainers are also known for being good instructors. Boracay is one of the best places to make that first plunge.

As a beginner, you usually start your diving lessons in dive spots near Boracay's beaches. Though it may take some time for you to fully learn the skills in scuba diving, there is a motivation to learn fast, so that you could be allowed to explore the other diving spots and witness more breathtaking views underwater.

In most cases you may also get your diving certification once you complete a short diving course or when you finish a series of training sessions. Getting your diving certification could serve as your goal as a beginner. However, if you only want to experience the basics and learn the guidelines in scuba diving like breath-holding, one day is enough for you.

On the other hand, if you already are a professional diver, the diving sites in Boracay will let you have a good time. With Boracayýs clear blue waters and dive sites located at the south and north end of the island, it is just the perfect place to be when you feel the urge to dive. Boracayýs diving sites are filled with breath-taking views of marine life that will delight your sight and give you an excellent diving experience.

Here is a list of the best scuba diving locations in Boracay:

1. Yapak 1 and 2 will give every scuba diver an exhilarating dive because of its rich coral reefs and reef walls. The famous 2 walls of Yapak are known to challenge experienced divers because of rough waters.

2. Baling Hai Beach is on the list because of its Acropa table corals. Baling Hai Beach is for skilled divers only because of its strong currents.

3. Bel-at Beach has stony corals and colorful wall reefs that make the dive site scenic.
The strong currents may be intimidating even to experienced divers, but the view is definitely worth taking the plunge.

4. The Fridayýs Rock diving site is famous for its reef creatures like moral eels, Pincushion starfish, and lagoon rays. Divers prefer Fridayýs Rock when they want to feed fishes when diving.

5. Punta Bonga possesses marine life that comprises sea stars, angelfish, sea cucumbers, and butterfly fish among others. Punta Bonga offers an easy dive spot because its bottom is made of soft corals.

Whether you are a beginner attempting to learn for the first time or an experienced diver looking for more adventure, you will find scuba diving in Boracay a fulfilling experience. Visit these top diving sites and see for yourself. Get away from the beach crowd and witness nature from a different perspective. The sea and its creatures will welcome you with open arms.

Christine Powell is a native of Boracay Island, Philippines. She has watched the island transform from a hidden gem into an idyllic retreat for foreigners and locals alike. Besides it's year-round warm tropical water, the powdery white sand continues to mesmerize her. While not exploring, kitesurfing, scuba diving, or sharing her insights about Boracay with travelers, she can be found at http://www.boracaynation.com, her online Boracay home.

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