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What to Expect From a Deer Hunting Guide

A good deer hunting guide is an important piece of deer hunting equipment, especially for a beginning hunter. Of course, there's no substitute for having a friend or family member take you out on your first few hunts, but a good deer hunting guide can also be a great educational tool as you learn the ropes of deer hunting. If you choose a good basic deer hunting guide, you should only need one to get you through many hunting seasons. Here are some things to look for when choosing a deer hunting guide.

Information about Deer - A good hunter has basic biological knowledge of the game he is targeting. A good deer hunting guide will provide you with valuable information about deer including their habits, their habitat and the methods they employ to protect themselves from predators - including you!

Hunting Strategies - A good deer guide will be educational. You'll learn ways to locate the deer in your area as well as ways to make yourself more invisible to your target. A good hunting guide should give you many tips that will increase your odds of bagging a deer every time you hunt.

Land Management Information - A good deer hunting guide can provide you with information about how to maintain land in such a way that it becomes a deer haven. If you own land that you'd like to use for hunting, you can maximize the deer on your property by ensuring that your deer have water, year round food and cover.

Field Dressing Lessons- It's important for hunters to know how to appropriately field dress your deer once you've harvested it. Field dressing is an art, and it's important that each hunter know the basics before heading out to hunt.

Information about Equipment - A good deer hunting guide should help you ensure that you have the proper equipment for your hunt. It will provide evaluations of different types of equipment, helping you determine which types of stands, blinds, bows and guns are best for your situation.

Local and State Information - You should definitely own a deer hunting guide for the area that you hunt in most frequently. This book may contain less information on hunting strategies and equipment, but should give you a good overview of the things you need to know about the area in which you're hunting. From this guide you should learn about state permits and tags and bagging restrictions. You should also find the exact deer hunting season dates and learn about local regulations regarding things like baiting. In addition, a local field guide to deer hunting should give you information about public hunting lands and hunting clubs in your area. When you travel out of state to hunt, pick up a local deer hunting field guide for the area you're visiting.

A good deer hunting guide is a valuable tool for any deer hunter. This is a book you'll turn to over and over again for help with strategy and practical hunting matters. We're all looking for ways to increase our odds of bagging the big one this season.

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