Water Taxis, Half Day and Day

Stewart Island Exploration Cruises

Half Day

Water Taxi to Ulva IslandTalisker Water Taxis to Ulva Island, around Paterson Inlet or as far as you want to go.
From $16 per person return


Guided Walks on Ulva Island and other locations
Guided WalksFrom $30 per person (includes water taxi)

Half Day and Day Cruises around Paterson Inlet or the Mutton Bird Islands
 $50 per person per half day (includes light snacks, tea & coffee)


Whalers Base

Mollymawk in Flight



See Pelagic and Shore Birds

Visit Historic Sites

Enjoy the Scenic Beauty of Stewart Island


For a full day aboard Talisker we suggest a cruise to Port Adventure.

Adventure at Port Adventure

Reflections in the Heron River, Port AdventureOn a typical day you will board Talisker about 8 o'clock in the morning. The cruise down takes a little over two hours. On the way watch pelagic birds and wildlife while enjoying a relaxing hot drink as the coast slides by. Perhaps stopping for a short time to catch a cod. On reaching Port depending on the state of the tide explore up the Heron River by Zodiac, followed by a light lunch plus tea or coffee. After lunch you will explore around Abraham's Bosom, or perhaps try one of the great dive sites around the anchorage. The day concludes with a leisurely Zodiac in The Heron River, Port Adventurecruise back up the coast to Halfmoon Bay, sailing if the breeze is suitable and arriving about 5.00pm.

Rates for the full day Port Adventure Adventure are $100 per person, minimum numbers may apply.



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