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"Talisker" can offer a new dimension to Hunting. Have you ever wanted to take your partner with you to enjoy the magnificent country you hunt in but they didn’t want to live in a wet and uncomfortable hunters camp. If so perhaps we can help. Setting Out

For up to three couples "Talisker" offers comfort and convenience not found in your average tent. We can pick you up from Bluff or perhaps Doubtful or Milford Sound and transport you right to your favourite coastal block. Each morning we The Teamwill set you down onshore using a zodiac and outboard to get you to just where you choose. For safety you will have a VHF radio to contact "Talisker". During the day as you stalk the elusive white-tail or red deer we will entertain your partners with scenic and Eco cruising or perhaps just lazing in some sheltered anchorage catching a fish or two for dinner. In the evening we will pick you up at a prearranged spot in time for a well deserved hot shower and a delicious dinner. We can freeze the choicest cuts from your hunt. And if you are a diver then we can buddy you for some great diving. Hunting will never be the same again!.Grouper

Herrick Creek






If you have read Ken Tustin's book "A Wild Moose Chase" or seen the TV program you will probably have an opinion on whether the moose has survived or not. Ken has walked us through part of the Herrick Creek study (seen above) and we will be happy to show you the sign he showed us.

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