Kayak Stewart Island & Fiordland

Want to explore Stewart Island and Fiordland waterways by Kayak?

If so Talisker Charters offers a safe and comfortable way into the more remote corners of both areas. You areTwo Kayaks spared the problems of packing your stores and shelter aboard your kayak. 

Using Talisker as a mobile base means you can set out each morning secure in the knowledge that Talisker is only a radio call away. We will be waiting at an agreed point or if desired can follow you at a discreet distance. You have all the comforts and convenience of a modern ketch to live aboard and the excitement of exploring hidden bays and coves and historic places. You will see seabirds and marine mammals undisturbed in their natural environment.

Dusky Sound

Explore  New Zealand's most remote and historic waterways. Visit Astronomers Point whereDusky Kayaking Captain Cook established an observatory on 1773, paddle over the remains of New Zealand's first European shipwreck and see the site of the first European House and the first ship built in Australasia. Dolphins and seals abound and the scenery is just plain magnificent. Dusky Sound is reputed to have an island for each day of the year, making for an absolute maze of waterways for you to explore.

Stewart Island.

Port Pegasus, Lords River and Port Adventure are magic areas to explore by Kayak. But theyLords River are remote and not so easy to get to. However using Talisker as a mobile base means they are now easily accessible, and without the hassle of camping and all that entails. You will explore up Cooks Stream to the Gogs, visit the Hookers Sealions "Smokehouse Gang", paddle up to Belltopper Falls and explore the 5 or 6 km of Lords River.

Our Kayak trips are all about enjoyment.....not hard work!

Kayaks in Cooks Arm Each day is an easy going combination of drifting with the currents and paddling in calm waters. If the weather or sea conditions over any part of the day are unsuitable Talisker will transport everyone plus kayaks to a more sheltered location.

Talisker's skipper has an intimate knowledge of weather and sea conditions around Stewart Island and in Fiordland so you can relax knowing you are in secure hands.

Rejoining TaliskerAt the end of the days paddling a hot shower, cooked meal and comfortable bed is waiting for you. ........Luxury.

 And if the weather is a  little less than clement, aboard Talisker you will still be able to visit those remote places and without the discomfort of a shore camp base.

Using Talisker to ferry you and your Kayak between points of interest means you can enjoy more of your chosen area of exploration.

As well as catering to "independent" Kayak parties we are delighted to work with 
Liz Cave of Rakiura Kayaks

Contact Liz or Us and we will be happy to host a fully organised and guided expedition for your friends to the destination of your choice. 

We will also from time to time be offering scheduled guided trips to Port Pegasus and to Fiordland. Parties will be restricted to 6 guests.

Contact us for details.

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