g. HUsTalisker Log           June 2002/3

Once more winter is upon us.  However  we have been blessed with  magic weather over the summer and autumn. Probably the best we can remember for Fiordland. In seven weeks up there we had only four days rain.

  Endeavour Balast Rocks

As well as the fine weather we were lucky enough to see the Endeavour Ballast Pile exposed at a VERY low tide. As far as we know this has not been seen since Richard Henry photographed it in 1910.  Also after following somewhat cryptic directions we found where early sealers had built a dinghy. The cave was almost as if they had just left, down to sawdust and chips on the floor.

Sealers Cave


This year we spent much more then usual of our Fiordland time in Preservation & Chalky . It was good to “re-discover” these less well known southern sounds. They have some very beautiful hidden corners and excellent walks to enjoy.

Evening in Cunaris Sound

Rakiura National Park

With Stewart Island now a  National Park we are spending more and more of our time exploring the Island and have hosted several journalists and photographers, including Warren Judd from “NZ Geographic”, Jenny & Tony Enderby from “Lonely Planet Underwater” and Gilbert van Reenen from “Clean Green Images”.  It’s always interesting looking at the Island through their eyes.

Iris under "Gog" 

Port Pegasus is still our favourite destination and with 90% of next years bookings going there, are looking forward to the coming season even more than usual.  





Slucing Valves at Pegasus Tin Mine


Department of Conservation staff are slowly opening the old tram track to the Pegasus Tin Mines, giving our guests another opportunity to explore a fragment of the Island’s past.

Stewart Island Robin "Mr Green"


Between “Live Aboard “ charters we have been very busy showing Island visitors some of the wonders to be found around Paterson Inlet on day and half day exploration cruises.  Ulva Island and particularly the bird life there has delighted both our guests and ourselves. 

Ulva is a credit to Department of Conservation management policies.


Our program for the coming year includes a University research program in Fiordland and also hosting a Natural History film as well as many parties wanting to explore our southern coasts.

Sails Ashore View

This year we are starting a  new project. We are upgrading our house to include two  superior home stay  apartments and hope to be available  in early 2003. This has been planned for several years  and now its happening.  We are calling it “Sails Ashore”  and information is available on our web site at:- 

Sails Ashore




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