Talisker's Meals

Our guests tell us that our meals are excellent "New Zealand Country Homestay". As far as possible we use home or at least locally grown produce. We source our meat from Southland's top butchery. Cheeses are from "Whitestone" or "Evansdale". We have included the following menu as an indication of what guests choosing the "fully serviced" or "stored" may expect. Menus will vary depending on season of the year and produce availability. 

Please note that we do NOT have a liquor licence. 
We are happy for guests to BYO.

Sample Menu

Menu for Trish, John, Penny, Graham, Jill and Andy (Stored option)

Welcome aboard “Talisker”
Pegasus,  Stewart Island tour Sunday, 24th– Saturday 30th November 2002


Muesli, assorted cereals, - individual servings, Yogurt (fridge**,use Yogurt machine) with Bananas.
Toast and/or Muffins with assorted jams.  Tea/coffee/orange.


Bread rolls, Ham** and Salad material including Cream Cheese/Cottage Cheese  
with “Talisker” low fat Mayonnaise or homemade Vinegarette**.
Cooked Corn beef* slices with Salads/ fresh Asparagus
Smoked assorted Chicken with Salads (Pasta,** Carrot Salad** Lettuce)
Tuna Quiche* with assorted Salads and for Graham maybe Smoked Chicken/ham
Haggis Sausages/Pork Sausages*(a taste treat) with can of ‘Just Add Sausages” sauce
Lasagne* with Garlic Bread x 2 rolls
Homemade Bacon, & Vegetable Pies *
Pasta with Tomato or Cheese Sauces (commercial) with Garlic Bread


Capsicum Dip** with Crackers
Smoked Stewart Island Salmon* with Crackers & Capsicum Dip
Philadelphia Cream Cheese,** sweetened Chilli Sauce , garnish with Parsley.**
Nuts & Bolts,Pringles with Talisker Dip
Whitestone Cheeses**
Seafood as available ie Cod nuggets


Casserole Beef with Cheese and Potato Topping (in oven)
Chicken & Pineapple Casserole*
Leg of Lamb *
Homemade Steak and Vegetable Pies*
Grilled aged cured Steak* with mushroom sauce
Boneless Chicken Roast*
Seafood as available.


Stewart Island grown & commercially grown Potatoes (for Baked, Scalloped, Herb, Roast) 
carrots, dry peas, Radishes, red & white onions, tomatoes, 
alfalfa, asparagus, spring onions, avocado, lettuce, mushrooms, cabbage for Coleslaw, green ,
red yellow peppers, Cucumber, Carrot Salad** & Pasta Salad** Tomatoes, Pumpkin, Kumara


Grapes** with Whitestone Cheeses**, crackers

Ice Cream*, fruit/yogurt (two nights)
Homemade Fudge (Irish Cream, Chewy Praline, Passionfruit)- in sling with Melon (when available)
Apple Crumble, yogurt/cream.
Rum Bananas.


Sultana Cake, Chocolate Slice, Tararua biscuit, Fruit in season (Apples, Bananas, Oranges)

* indicates “in freezer”,     ** indicates “in fridge”

NB: Dietary requests will be viewed as an “extra” and charged for

Bon Appetite


Where possible we use home produce or produce sourced from Southland/Otago.

*Guide only, will vary depending on season and availability.

Our guests often ask about the recipes we use, so we have included
a page devoted to food, our favorites for seafood as well as meat and all sorts of other things. 

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