UsYour hosts..........
Iris and Peter
have a long association with Stewart Island.

........... Peter arrived in 1969, as NZ Forest Service Ranger in Charge. (A very grand title for a total staff complement of one). Fishing followed forestry and was in turn followed by Talisker, a 17m charter yacht. He is qualified Skipper Deep Sea Fishing Vessel and is also an Honorary Dept of Conservation Ranger. Peter's forestry position was a direct pre-cursor of the Department of Conservation, and he was involved with several projects that contribute to the present management. He has a keen interest in management and particularly in the evolution of the present community.

........... Iris arrived on the Island as a visitor in 1971. We married in 1973 and Iris became relieving District Nurse, a post she filled for 15 years. She is presently a Trustee of Ulva Island.  She is a keen outdoors person and has hiked extensively around the Island. She is also an enthusiastic gardener.

We have two adult as well as  two fur and several feather children.

........... Anne our daughter owns "Kowhai Lane", and is presently living in Auckland.  She is a senior Paediatrics Registrar.

........... Ivan our son lives in Tasmania. He is a qualified ADAS construction diver and is presently working as a shore engineer for a fishing company. He also works as a portrait artist.

We really enjoy what we do. It's a great privilege to share our Island Home with our guests and to enjoy the Island through fresh eyes.

We are often asked to host Journalists looking at the Island and the People who live here.
And it's always fascinating to see how they see the Island and ourselves.

Click on the links below for PDF copies of recent articles. We apologise for the size but any smaller and they would be illegible.

NZ Gardener, Size 914kb. Published May 2006.


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